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Every car on the lot is in “raw” condition and is presented in the exact condition as it was purchased by Downsview Auto. The price listed on the cars and on all advertisements are for the vehicle only in the exact shape and form as its presented, if a customer wants to take it upon themselves to recondition the vehicle and safety the vehicle they are more then welcome to do so by paying the sticker price plus HST as advertised.

We understand that most customers do not have the time nor wish to go through the hassle of prepping a car and would prefer Downsview Auto to take over as we are very experienced in servicing these vehicles due to the fact that we have been selling only Mazda 3s for the last 18 years.

We have different packages available in prepping these vehicles properly. Take into consideration there was a lot of time invested in structuring these value packages as they are each unique in their own way and offer extra value and protection to our valued customers.

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